My research explores how co-production of knowledge and science communication can be be used to better inform decision making in the context of climate resilience and sustainability challenges and focuses on the following questions:

  1. How can sustainability communication positively affect pro-environmental behaviours?
  2. How can responses to climate change and weather shocks be better informed?
  3. How can processes of co-production better inform decision making?

I am currently working on the ESRC-funded Place-based Climate Action Network, led by the LSE Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. I am currently leading two small projects on the analysis of climate emergency declarations and city climate action.

Other/Past projects

  • 2019, Royal Geographical Society / LSE GRI / Priestley Centre, Workshop on communicating climate change research to policy audiences, (Principal Investigator)
  • 2019, British Academy / BEIS, New Climate Civil Politics: examining contemporary UK climate communications, actions and policies, Kythreotis (Lincoln PI), Howarth (LSE Co-I), Jonas (Hull)
  • 2018, University of Surrey Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Impact Fund, Engaging with non-academic audiences and collecting evidence of research impact, (Principal Investigator)
  • 2018, University of Surrey Urban Living Fund, Increasing sustainable travel behaviour in urban environments: Proactive and reactive responses to environmental images in a digital setting, (Principal Investigator)
  • 2018, University of Surrey FASS Fellowship, Creating stories on climate risks in the UK, (Principal Investigator) 
  • 2016-2017, ESRC Nexus Network, Informing decision-making and resilience to nexus shocks: exploring the findings from the Nexus Shocks project, (Principal Investigator)
  • 2016, WWF, Positive Vision: Creating Narratives on the UK 5th Carbon Budget, (Principal Investigator)
  • 2015, ESRC Nexus Network networking grant programme, Shocks to the food-energy-water nexus: impacts and responses, (Principal Investigator)
  • 2014, ESRC/CCCEP Climate Policy Innovation Fund, Overcoming the climate language barrier: An innovation policy approach to improving the IPCC process. (Principal Investigator)
  • 2013, Department of Energy and Climate Change, International Climate Change Engagement and Communication with NGOs and Civil Society. (Principal Investigator)
  • 2013, EU Commission Coordination and support action funding, WE@EU: Water Efficiency in European Urban Areas. (Work Package leader)
  • 2013, South Cambridgeshire District Council, Evaluation partner for Developing a promotional Green Deal Assessment Programme in Cambridgeshire.(Principal Investigator)
  • 2012, Department of Energy and Climate Change, Evaluation of Green Deal trials. (Principal Investigator)